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Helpful Forms

I wanted a faster, easier & more readable way to keep records so I have created these forms in MS Word to help me out.  They work great for me so I thought I’d share.  They are easy to edit, save, and print.  These forms are based off of the record forms format of the American Kennel Club with minor tweaks to allow UKC information as well.  Have all your information right at your finger tips, readable for everyone and not just yourself, and best of all no whiteout necessary for those stupid mistakes or changes.

Note: Right click  > Save Link As…

Litter_RecordRAT (Rat Terrier breed Only)
Litter Record (All breeds)
Single Pet Record (Rat Terrier breed Only)
Single Pet Record (All breeds)
— Breeding Record <coming soon>
UKC Wins Records
Dealers Record (All Breeds)
Test Breeding 4 Gen Pedigree (Black Hole Breeding) *Please See Articles Worth A Read page for articles around ‘Motherlines’ & Black Hole breeding*
1Page 4Gen Motherline Pedigree

If you have a suggestion for a new editable form/record please email me and let me know ( I’d be happy to create a personal one or add to my list of record forms.

For everything else we use The Breeders Standard