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We have owned Rat Terriers all our life but our breeding/exhibitor kennel was started in 2006.

Nimh Kennel is a proud breeder and exhibitor of the American Rat Terrier.  We are nestled snug in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains on a small 50 acre farm in the Southwestern part of Virginia.  We are about an hour and a half south of Roanoke and about 45minutes to an hour from the Tennessee state line.

Our ultimate breeding goal is to improve the health & conformation of the Rat Terrier, as well as to maintain beneficial bloodlines as well as working ability.  We raise 1-2 litters a year focusing on our mission, not quantity. Our Rat Terriers are tested in accordance with OFA testing protocol for Luxating Patellas, Congenital Cardiac & Primary Lens Luxation prior to breeding, we are working on adding Hip Dysplasia & Legg-Calves-Perthes to our list of testing as well. We only pair dogs for breeding that represent the standard as written by the United Kennel Club and show strong Rat Terrier characteristics.

Our breeding goal is to produce small standards ranging from 13-14.5″ tall in a well balanced structure of bone and muscle with erect ears. These dogs are bred to retain their prey drive for vermin and some could possibly excel as squirrel hunters. These dogs could also hold their own in the conformation ring as well as the performance ring, all while holding down your favorite quilt on the bed as companions.

All puppies are raised under foot and are wormed on a regular basis as well as will receive their puppy shots (Parvo/Distemper minimum) suitable for their age. All puppies are AKC-FSS/UKC Registrable unless otherwise noted.

Please contact Ashley for more information and/or availability.

Ashley is also an Approved Canine Good Citizen Evaluator for the American Kennel Club

Healthy Paws Pet Insurance and Foundation.


Due to the abundance of inquiry emails/phone calls I’ve put up a Puppy Alert List. Sign up with your email and you’ll receive an email when another litter is due. 🙂 You’re also welcome, and encouraged to bookmark this page and follow us on Facebook for updates as well.

I’ve also added a link to a great supplement, NuVet. Check it out! Great for young and older pets.

Don’t forget we also have a couple of older dogs looking for new homes. Right now we can’t let anyone go that isn’t spayed since our vet isn’t performing elective procedures at the moment but we still have Mage who is spayed and ready to go.

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  • * We DO NOT raise ‘toys’ or ‘tots’ as they do not exist, they are cross breeds bred to toy companion breeds to produce small, sell-able puppies. The Rat Terrier’s true linage consists of working breeds as it is a working terrier. If you are looking for this size of dog, please look at the Toy Fox Terriers.

    * We DO NOT raise Decker Terriers, we raise for the traditional Rat Terrier build and character. While some of our dogs may have a percentage of Decker strain in their pedigree they are not the characteristics that we breed for so we do not put any focus on calculations etc for the Deckers.

    * We DO NOT raise ‘Type B’ or Hairless Rat Terriers as they have been separated into their own breeds, Teddy Roosevelt Terriers & American Hairless Terriers respectively, and are thus no longer considered ‘Rat Terriers’ in the genetic sense for our breeding practices.

    * We DO raise a form of ‘Feist’ — The ‘Feist’ is a performance dog primarily bred for hunting. Feist dogs are the predecessor of what we now call the Rat Terrier. The Rat Terrier is often called a feist because it is a specific breed within the Feist umbrella, the word Feist refers to a general type of dog just as hound and terrier refer to a group of breeds.

    If you live in Wythe Co. we ask that you check our local pound for potential dogs for adoption as well.