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Looks like we’ll be having puppies in the next couple months! Stay tuned for more info and pictures.


All puppies have found loving homes. In the beginning stages of planning a 2022 litter.


Still have 3 lovely puppies available from our Oct litter!


10/19/21 Secret gave birth to 9 puppies! 3 boys and 6 girls. Our puppy cam can be accessed on our facebook page until I can get it loaded here.


Looking promising that Secret & Disney are expecting for October! Fingers crossed!


It looks like Secret is showing signs of coming into season… we’re hoping to cross her with Disney. Stay posted!


Just to update everyone… we are still here lol

We had hoped to have a spring litter, however our girl didn’t conceive. We are hopeful for a litter or two this fall.

Please sign up for our puppy alert list to be notified when things start looking like puppies!


Due to the abundance of inquiry emails/phone calls I’ve put up a Puppy Alert List. Sign up with your email and you’ll receive an email when another litter is due. 🙂 You’re also welcome, and encouraged to bookmark this page and follow us on Facebook for updates as well.

I’ve also added a link to a great supplement, NuVet. Check it out! Great for young and older pets.

Don’t forget we also have a couple of older dogs looking for new homes. Right now we can’t let anyone go that isn’t spayed since our vet isn’t performing elective procedures at the moment but we still have Mage who is spayed and ready to go. If you’re interested in any other you’re welcome to apply and when life resumes, somewhat normal, activities we’ll work on getting them spayed.


All of our puppies have been placed. We have older adults looking for retirement homes right now. We may have a fall litter once the virus is under control. Follow our website or Facebook to stay up to date on what’s happening here and our next planned breeding. 🙂


Puppy Cam up!