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We have started to contact our waiting list.  Please keep a check on your spam folders in case it gets dumped there.  It will come from or

Pups are doing great, hope everyone is enjoying the camera!



If you haven’t seen already, we’ve posted puppy pictures in an album on our facebook page!

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For those just tuning in, Rummy is in labor, we have 6 live births so far and I expect quite a few more by her size still.  We’ll get a gender/color count when she’s done (probably tomorrow), she’s a good but nervous mommy.

Happy Mothers Day to all mommies and Rummy!

Camera here:

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Rummy’s temperature is under 98degrees this morning so labor should begin within the next 24 hours… we are on official puppy watch!
Live camera should be on the whole time. 🙂 YAY

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Got the camera up!

Direct link here:

Or can also watch it on the Available litters/dogs page.


Setting up the whelping area for the big event!  The puppy-cam should go up today or tomorrow so be on the watch!  We will keep the puppy cam up so you can witness the big event and watch the puppies grow with us!

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The puppy cam will hopefully go up this weekend as we’re waiting on Rummy.  She’s due beginning of May! (Bred to Dodger). We’ll be contacting out waiting list within the next week or 2.


The girls are playing with our heads.

Dizzy did not take this go around with Clique so we’ll be planning a fall litter from her to try the pairing once again.

Rummy came in heat around 3/04 so we paired her with Dodger.  High hopes she took, we should know late April if she’s expecting.  *fingers crossed*

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Hope your year has started off well!  We’re enjoying the warm winter weather.

Dizzy has come into heat, we’re considering breeding Dizzy & Dodger one more time since the litter was so lovely last time.  We’ll be posting updates along the way.

Nothing available at this time.  Please visit Future Plans for information on 2018 plans