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July 23rd, 2013

If it’s hot in your area and your pooch is looking overheated, this is a great little treat for them.  Also, it’s much healthier than the stuff you can buy from your store’s freezer isle for dogs.

Frozen P-nut butter Pup Pops (for dogs of course)


16 ounces vanilla yogurt
1/2 cup smooth peanut butter (low sugar)


Put the peanut butter in a microwave safe bowl and heat until melted. Watch it carefully because it melts fast! Mix the peanut butter with the yogurt. Pour the mixture into whatever containers you want to use. You can freeze the pops in an ice cube tray or in little yogurt cups.


Nimh Dog Review:
Our guys LOVED these things!  They didnt last long.  We did ours in a muffin tin and made perfect portions for our crew.

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