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July 9th, 2013

So, if you read my last post on Vinegar and it’s magic work on doggie ears, you’ll learn real quick that I LOVE VINEGAR.  For many reasons…

Today I’ve chosen to share another Vinegar secret.  If your house reeks of dog or your still in the potty training stages and have occasional accidents this is going to be your secret weapon.  It’s a commonly known fact that anything of the fabric nature that your dog touches; your dog will leave behind a distinct odor, especially if that area is frequented by your canine.  Did you know white vinegar can remove smells from doggie laundry, smells such as urine and the general doggie smell?

When doing your dog’s laundry or general washing of things the dog is normally in contact with, it’s recommended to wash it all in HOT, soapy water, this will kill any residual flea life.  I also add a good dose of white vinegar.  This kills any smells left behind by your pooch (or cigarette smoke, fast food etc.).

White vinegar is also a replacement for those commercial ‘odor eliminators’ such as Nature’s Miracle, and has been reported to work even better as well.  Win-Win!  If you’ve got carpets and have an accident, saturate with white vinegar, let dry.  Then you can gently scrub with a damp scrub brush, no soap needed, and forget it.  The best part is probably the drastic price difference!  Nature’s Miracle is one of the cheaper brands I believe, and it still runs $25+ a gallon, while white vinegar is a couple bucks a gallon and has MULTIPLE uses!  I’ve barely scratched the surface of its positive-ness.

White Vinegar is a house hold staple in my home, it needs to be yours too!

One response to “Home Remedy – Dog Smell”

  1. Eugene says:

    Great tip. Gaius no longer has accidents but we do wash his stuff and would like to get rid of doggie smells. Thanks!

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