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March 5th, 2013

I’ve posted another “Must Read Article” titled: Schultz: Dog vaccines may not be necessary. (

Now, don’t go fumbling for this article because you want proof that you don’t have to vaccinate your dogs, period… The article talks about annual vaccines being unnessary.

Schultz was a professor and chair of pathobiological sciences at School of Veterinary Medicine when this was published in March 2003 and the article references him and his study.

I’m posting it because I got fed up today in a discussion of someone wanting to push an outdated agenda, that can actually harm our dogs, of yearly vaccinations all because /some/ dogs go unvaccinated.  I’m not sure if they were attempting a scare tactic (like the heart worm infested hearts in jars) or what.  I know this person just wants to help but I wish they’d take a more updated approach with FACTS rather than decade(s) old “that’s the only way” route.

The above article kinda goes with

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