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Rat Terriers

February 20th, 2013

Yesterday I helped rescue a young pup from our local pound.  He’s a shepherd mix with a cuddle bear personality named Rolo (by the shelter).  He’s heading to his new, forever home in Botetourt county Saturday morning.

I help rescue, foster, network pound puppies (and dogs) because we breed responsibly.  I feel it’s my responsibility to help since we are breeding so from time to time you’ll see a dog listed here that might not fit our ‘MO’.  I’m also considering applying to become one of the Rat Terrier specific rescues’ foster home.  In my 10yrs of rescue I’ve actually pulled 2 Rat Terriers from our local shelter, one was a black tri named Tucker & the most recent, hard of hearing one, Carter.

I started my own personal dog rescue my first year of college, Tender Heart Rescue, and I’ve worked closely with the local Humane Society and Animal Welfare League through the years.  Was actually a founding member of the Welfare League and joined the Humane Society not long after it’s formation.
*Remember — your local Humane Societies are not linked to the Humane Society of the United States, the HSUS does not actually help local shelters.  If you want to donate your $$ (or time) to help pets, DONATE TO YOUR LOCAL SHELTERS AND RESCUES.  They also appreciate food, collars, leashes, bedding, treats & toys.

Rolo will be receiving the new name of ‘Ruger’ and two Brittany Spaniel siblings.

It’s a good day here at Nimh Kennels.

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