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So, you think one of our handsome boys might complement one of your lovely ladies?  Please fill out the application below to tell us a little bit more about your girl, we’d be happy to discuss it.

 “Lament of a Stud Dog”

My job is making puppies, and I get two tries at that.
They pat me on the head and say “good boy” — and that’s that.
It’s half my job to give ’em teeth and toplines, fronts, & other.
Remember, it’s only half my job.  They also have a mother.

It’s not my job to carry pups and make ’em grow and nurse ’em.
And feed and clean and make ’em strong, that’s for their mother and a person.
It’s not my job to wean and feed the calcium and the food.
And stack and gait and housebreak and make ’em a showing brood.

It’s not my job to plan the breeding and learn what produces well.
To study pedigrees, learn what’s there, and pick out what to sell.
It’s not my job to deliver a winner, it’s only genes I sell.
But let the puppies turn out bad and guess who catches hell!

-Author Unknown

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  • Please note that our boys' health information should be listed on their profile, if it is not please let us know and we'll happily provide it.

About the Female

  • PLL - Primary Lens Luxation
    Congenital Cardiac
    Patella Luxation

    We ask that you familiarize yourself with health issues related to the Rat Terrier breed. A starting point can be found here:
  • While pictures are not necessary during the application process, it could make things move quicker because we do want to see your girl before we make any decisions.


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