Nimh Kennel
Rat Terriers

Dog/Puppy Purchase Agreement

*This is a sample contract, sections may change based on situation.
We are revamping our contract as well, so the below may change.


If applicable, Purchaser on behalf of BUYER, here on out referred to as ‘AGENT’:
AGENT’s NAME: ______________________________________
ADDRESS: ____________________________________________
PHONE: ______________________________________________
EMAIL: _______________________________________________

CLASSIFICATIONS:  PET ONLY, to be spayed/neutered before 6 (six) months of age by BUYER’s licensed veterinarian.

These terms and conditions are entered into and agreed upon by both the BUYER and the SELLER as follows:

Purchase Price: This contract applies to one (1) Rat Terrier dog of the description above, for the purchase price listed above.

If applicable, a deposit of 50% the purchase price will be sent to SELLER to guarantee purchase from BUYER or AGENT appointed by BUYER, deposit is non-refundable.  Only in the case of an injury or illness causing DOG’s death while in the care of SELLER does she agree to refund the deposit in full. The balance of the purchase price shall be paid to SELLER before DOG is shipped or delivered, or when picked up at SELLER’s residence. Balance of purchase price is to be paid in cash or by cashier’s check, or by personal check if approved by SELLER, made payable to Ashley Reardon Bond. DOG will not be shipped until funds are cleared when paid by personal check. BUYER may use PayPal only by adding an additional $25 fee each occurrence, to the account of All shipping and/or transportation expenses for DOG, to and from SELLER’s residence, and, to and from BUYER’s residence, are BUYER’s responsibility. Shipping expenses may cover airfare [determined by airline carrier]; health certificate required by airline; crate, shipping kit and materials, all paid by BUYER to SELLER prior to shipping of DOG.

Boarding: Should BUYER ask SELLER to hold DOG, beyond 8 (eight) weeks of age BUYER must pay, in full, PRICE to SELLER before DOG will be held.  DOG will be held for a maximum of 4 (four) weeks, after which allotted time SELLER has the right to place DOG back up for sale.  No amount of refund will be offered to BUYER, under any circumstances, should BUYER not pick up dog before 4 (four) week limit or BUYER chooses not to take possession of DOG to cover boarding fees.

Registration: The SELLER has registered the litter with both UKC (United Kennel Club) and AKC-FSS (American Kennel Club Foundation Stock Service).
This is a “pet only” purchase, therefore, the following will apply:
-American Kennel Club LIMITED Registration and co-ownership between SELLER & BUYER.
-United Kennel Club Registration with SELLER as SOLE SIGNATORY and BUYER listed as co-owner.

Kennel Club registrations will be filled out at purchase by SELLER & BUYER with the co-ownership reading in the order of “SELLER & BUYER”.

Upon receipt of spay/neuter on attending licensed veterinarian’s letterhead of BUYER’s choice, either scanned & emailed or delivered by United States Postal Service to SELLER, SELLER agrees dissolve co-ownership.

The registered name of DOG may only be changed by the Registry or the SELLER.   BUYER agrees that the SELLER’s kennel name, ‘NIMH’ will be the only pre-fix of the dog’s registered name and the registered name will not be changed for any reason.

Potential:  DOG is being sold, as is, as “pet only”.  BUYER agrees that DOG will not be bred. BUYER agrees to have DOG spayed/neutered before six months of age by BUYER’s veterinarian.  BUYER agrees to send proof of spay/neuter to SELLER within 30 (thirty) days of procedure.
Altering – Altered pets may not compete in AKC conformation, but may compete in agility, rally, obedience and/or most dog sports related venues in both UKC and AKC.  UKC does offer Altered Conformation shows for altered dogs in which DOG may enter.
SELLER in no way guarantees a DOG’s mature weight or height before 2 (two) years of age.

Training: BUYER agrees to enroll DOG and complete a puppy or basic obedience group class for a minimum of 6 weeks before DOG turns 1 (one) year old.  Private classes will not complete this part of the agreement.  BUYER agrees to mail or scan/email certificate of completion to SELLER to show that this part of the contract has been fulfilled.  SELLER feels strongly about this portion of the agreement being met as this will help the communication between DOG and BUYER for successful integration into BUYER’s family.

Health: To the best of the SELLER’s knowledge, DOG is in good health, free of known contagious diseases and has had vaccination(s)/de-worming required for its’ age at delivery time to BUYER. BUYER has the option to have DOG examined by a licensed veterinarian within 48 hours (not including Sundays) of receipt of DOG and if DOG is determined to have any physical problem(s) or be suffering from a serious health defect or disease, which in the opinion of the veterinarian is life threatening, BUYER can elect to keep DOG, assuming all costs for its’ care, or may return said DOG upon SELLER’s receipt of the veterinarian’s written statement on his/her letterhead regarding the DOG’s health.  If DOG is returned to SELLER, BUYER may elect to choose another dog if one is available or may choose to be put on the list for a dog from a future litter of equal or lesser classification.  The affliction must be congenital and not be caused by injury or illness for this warranty to apply. This provision will expire 48 hours (not including Sundays) after BUYER takes possession of the DOG. Under no circumstances is there a refund or monitory settlement presented to BUYER.  All shipping and/or transportation expenses for DOG, to and from SELLER’s residence and to and from BUYER’s residence, are BUYER’s responsibility.  SELLER will not guarantee future litter(s) availability.

Care: BUYER agrees that all medical care of the DOG is at her/his expense beginning when BUYER takes possession of DOG, and during the life of the BUYER’s ownership of  DOG. BUYER will take all measures to maintain the health and well-being of DOG for as long as BUYER retains ownership. The BUYER will provide a good home with no physical abuse, warm and dry bedding with good protection from the weather and the elements, regular exercise, affection, proper nutrition and health care for DOG which includes inoculations and heartworm prevention as discussed between BUYER & licensed veterinarian. BUYER certifies, by signing this agreement that DOG will live with BUYER as a house-dog and will never be tied/staked to a rope, chain or cable.  BUYER also certifies, by signing this agreement that he/she is not acting as an agent in this purchase; BUYER will not resell DOG to another seller, pet store or medical research facility. BUYER agrees DOG may not be abandoned or turned into a pet store, dog pound, humane societies, or rescue organizations – only to the SELLER or to a good home SELLER has agreed to.

Sale Face-to-Face:   In accordance with the Animal Welfare Act, BUYER’s signature certifies that BUYER took possession of DOG in person directly from SELLER or through trusted AGENT, if AGENT’s signature below.  DOG was not bought & transferred sight-unseen.  BUYER, or AGENT if applicable, agrees that DOG appears to be of good health at transfer.

Fraud:  SELLER reserves the right to null/void this agreement upon the findings of fraud or false information provided by BUYER in an effort to deceive SELLER as to the intentions of purchase of DOG.  In the case of fraudulent or false information, no refund will be given of any money exchanged between BUYER and SELLER and DOG will not be transferred to BUYER.  In certain cases, BUYER understands that SELLER may report fraudulent occurrence to the proper authorities.

Right of First Refusal: BUYER agrees if he/she cannot or does not wish to keep DOG for any reason, regardless of age, SELLER must be notified of such decision of BUYER, and SELLER will have the First Right of Refusal in return of DOG to SELLER with no monetary settlement or replacement dog. All shipping and/or transportation expenses for DOG, to and from SELLER’s residence and to and from BUYER’s residence, are BUYER’s responsibility. If SELLER is unable to furnish her home to DOG, she will actively cooperate with BUYER in placing DOG in a proper home.

No other conditions, guarantees, or obligations, concerning the sale of DOG applies. By signing below, we agree that we have read, understood, and will abide by all of the terms of this contract. SELLER makes no guarantee regarding loss of DOG because of accidental death, theft, sickness, etc., or any other loss beyond SELLER’s control once DOG is in BUYER’s possession.

Should the above forementioned terms not be carried out by BUYER, BUYER is responsible for $2500.00 (two thousand five hundred dollars) payable to SELLER upon breach of contract & BUYER is responsible for compensating SELLER of court costs.

The Sales Contract is non-transferable.

This contract will be interpreted pursuant to the laws of the State of Virginia and jurisdiction and venue to resolve any dispute shall be within the County of Wythe.