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Looks like we may have male availability in this litter.  If you are interested, please fill out an application found on the Available Dogs page.


Added a few more Q/As to our Question/Answers page.


Puppy Cam up on Available Dogs/Litter page.


Dizzy is in labor!

3 black tux like dizzy, boys; 1 chocolate piebald (like dodger) girl — so far!

She sure surprised when no activity during morning potty time at just before 7 and check on her again when I officially wake up at around 9ish and already had 3 pups!
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Shouldn’t be long now… Looks like Dizzy has dropped so we’re gonna start taking her temperature and hopefully get the puppy cam online for everyone to watch the birth.


Mage has been confirmed NOT pregnant.
Dizzy is confirmed PREGNANT–due in the next 2 weeks.

Rori has a deposit and pending a new home by the end of the month after her surgery.

Lots going on here!  Check in for updates.


Dizzy is confirmed pregnant (bred to Dodger).  Get your applications in if interested in a puppy.  Should be a very pretty litter.


Just to keep everyone posted… Mage thew up the other morning, hoping it’s morning sickness — yes dogs can get it too… this will be her first litter so it may be a while before she shows.  We’ll post here when we know for sure.

Dizzy is at least a week behind Mage if she is pregnant so we’re waiting on signs with her as well.  Keep checking back or follow us on facebook for updates as we get them.

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We had a successful tie between Dizzy & Dodger this morning!

Taking applications for puppies from interested families.

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We had a successful tie between Mage & Jack this morning!

Taking applications for puppies from interested families.