Nimh Kennel
Rat Terriers

March 20th, 2014


Hope your day feel like it, ours is still a bit wintery.

Not much currently happening here, waiting for the weather to break.

I’ve changed up how the litter alert list works, anyone previously added is still on it so no need to re-submit your email, I just added you manually.  Anyone else interested in being added to the litter alert list needs to sign up by just submitting their email in the top right of the page.

Putting yourself on the litter alert list does not submit an application, please submit an application to expedite the process if you think you’ll be interested in purchasing a puppy at a later date.  Applications pre-submitted get first placement on the waiting lists.

The litters I have planned are still occurring at the moment, just waiting for my girls to decide on when, hoping with the weather warming up things will get rolling.


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