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February 21st, 2014

 peneeSmile      'PR' RaganRat's Who's On First
2 Girls & 3 Boys born 07/05/14 — All puppies have been sold in this litter.

This will be a line breeding.  Expecting GREAT personalities that like to cuddle with some energy.

This pair treed their first coon April 2014… scared me to death!  Dodger may be chill in attitude but knows how to turn it on when the job needs to be done, Penee has always got it going on.

Penee is a smaller girl, small standard in size, probably around 13.5″.  I haven’t measured either of them but Dodger is estimated around ~15+/-” tall.  Penee has smaller dogs in her pedigree while Dodger’s lineage has some taller dogs so we should get a good variety in size range in this litter.  We’re expected chocolate & black tri colors, dilute potential is unknown.

Penee & Dodger are clear of PLL by parentage, both have normal patella luxation & cardiac.


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