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September 25th, 2013

Toby is no longer an unknown….

After some searching and light bulb going on in my head, I realized the name on his shot records was a name I recognized. Some googling and a phone call later…

Toby was born on 10/18/09, so his 4th birthday is fast approaching.
His daddy was Carolina Mighty Max & his momma was Carolina Southern Belle.
We even have his breeder’s name and has UKCI papers floating around in NC but I told the gentleman who kindly offered the info I didn’t need them since he was neutered and going to be a loved pet.

The gentleman who kindly gave me the information after he described him to a T over the phone, bark and all, told me that he came from a Rabbit Cage breeder and poor Toby had probably never touched grass before he came to him. The man had to let him go since he didn’t get along with his boys, he gave him to a home that told him they had no other dogs, which he’d thrive in, but that proved to be a lie since that’s how he came to me. The man said he was already scarred up from head to toe before he came to him.

Toby has a home lined up for this Saturday, NO OTHER pets, i made sure. A happy ending to a potentially tragic story.

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