Nimh Kennel
Rat Terriers

April 17th, 2013


Born May 15, 2013
4 Boys & 4 Girls
4 Pearl Tri & 4 Chocolate Tri
1 male available

Puppy Pictures: HERE

Litter Pedigree *Pedigree Updates:  Tuff Tinker & Bluboy are GrandChampions

06/13/13 –

Looking at probably small standards ranging around 14.5?+/- tall.  I expect Terrier Racing prospects and conformation prospects, could even be a squirrel hunter or two in this litter.

Puppies will be PLL Clear by parentage.
Sire & Dam tested normal for Patella Luxation & Congenital Cardiac
Sire has had x-rays performed for LCP & hip dysplasia, vet passed them, official OFFA reading is pending.

First pick(s) reserved by breeder

Picks are made in order of Show/breeding homes first, followed by pet homes; either category of pick types are chosen by the order in which deposits were received. Picks are made after 8 weeks of age.  Color preference not guaranteed but we can work with you for gender preference.

Deposits are 50% of purchase price and are NON-REFUNDABLE, but are transferable.

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