Nimh Kennel
Rat Terriers

January 15th, 2013

Nimh Kennel welcomed our newest arrivals into the world way early this morning!

Rori gave birth to 9 puppies! 3 boys and 6 girls!
She did it like a pro, didn’t need my interference after she got the hang of it after the first two.  Everyone was eating when I left them this  morning to go to work.

They’ll have their first vet visit on Friday to get dewclaws and tails done.
All puppies are a form of ‘sable’, either red or chocolate.  We’re brushing up on our genetics to better understand this pattern and label each puppy correctly.

We do have piebald, irish & tux patterns though!

We are taking applications from interested families.

We’re excited to watch these little ones grow!
Please feel free to watch along side us via our puppy cam. 🙂

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