Nimh Kennel
Rat Terriers

November 16th, 2012

They arrived early January 15, 2013; 2 boys and 6 girls!
Album of pictures located here:

Rori Test Results:
– PLL: DNAd Clear
-Patellas: Normal
-Cardiac: Normal

Cedrick Test Results:
-PLL: CBP (Clear by Parentage)
-Patellas: Normal
-Cardiac: Normal

Litter Pedigree

Rori is a heavy set girl, healthy weight probably around 18lbs though easy to let get pudgy around the center.  She’s a light red sable, irish pattern, in color.  This girl is intense and doesn’t let up when a vermin catches her gaze, she’s had a couple successful kills in her days.  She can entertain herself for hours with a ball, she throws it up in the air and tosses it around for her to run after.

Cedrick is a little smaller framed than Rori, he weighs around 16-17lbs pure muscle.  He’s got a gorgeous deep chocolate coat with tan points in the tux pattern.  This boy is sired by one of our best ratters, Clique.  Cedrick, himself, hasn’t had the opportunity to hunt on his own yet but we look forwards to trying him out soon.  Cedrick is a love bug and wants to please.  I’m also looking forwards to getting him back in the show ring to strive towards his GrandChampionship this year!

We are very excited about the arrival of this litter, it’s been a long time waiting.  We’re expecting small-medium standard sized dogs at maturity in a good mix of bone and muscle.  We hope to see the hunting instinct carried on in this litter, could be a potential squirrel hunter here.

Puppies will have their tails docked and dewclaws removed.  They will also be microchipped, vaccinated for parvo/distemper at minimum & wormed.
This litter will be ‘PR’ UKC registered & AKC-FSS registered with eligibility to go to the terrier group when the Rat Terriers move from Misc in AKC middle of 2013.

Puppy video 02/21/13 –
Puppy video 03/09/13 –

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