Nimh Kennel
Rat Terriers

November 16th, 2012

CH Nimh's Virginia is for Lovers‘Louie’
~13.5” Tall/ 17lbs as of 11/19/12  (but probably a little thick right now)
Black Tri Piebald

Full Pedigree

Primary Lens Luxation – OFA# RAT-PLL295/8M-NOPI (Normal/Clear)
Patella Luxation – #Pending (Normal)
Congenital Cardiac – #Pending (Normal)

Louie carries dilute & is chocolate factored.

Louie is a gentleman that loves his person (me).  He’s constantly got his attention on me when we’re out and about.  He wants to make sure he does everything right.  He loves to cuddle on the blanket but only when he’s agreed to not de-stuff it.  No stuffy lasts long when Louie is around.

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