Nimh Kennel
Rat Terriers

November 16th, 2012

??” Tall
White/Chocolate/Tan Piebald

Full Pedigree

Primary Lens Luxation – CBP
Congenital Cardiac – RAT-CA737/17F/P-VPI
Patella Luxation – RAT-PA999/17F/P-VPI
PRA-PCRD – DNA’d Clear

Mage is a tom-boy type dog.  She runs with the big guys, lot of rAttitude.  She owns the name ‘Rat Terrier’.  Our girl is out of CH RaganRat Braided BanglesNBeads & by GRCH Nimh’s Point ‘N Clique.  She takes after her daddy in the solid bone and muscle category.

Now UKC GrandChampion Pointed!

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